What to Do If You Lock Yourself Out of Your House

It’s happens all the time – the wind blows the door shut while you are putting the bins out or you return home from a long day at work only to find your keys are nowhere to be found. You check a few windows, see if the back door is open and then it sinks in – you’re totally locked out. All Star Lock and Key are the emergency locksmiths Perth locals can rely on for speedy residential locksmith services, 24/7. Before you start cursing or crying, here’s a few things you should do when you realise that you’re locked out of your own home.

Think About Anyone Who May Have a Key to Your House

If you have any family members or friends who live with you, try contacting them to see if they are nearby or can drop what they are doing to come and let in you. If that’s not an option, have a think if there’s anyone who may have a spare key – a neighbour, your sister, your mother-in-law? You may have given a key to someone years ago for emergencies or to feed your cat while you were on holidays. If you are renting, call your landlord or property manager. Call anyone who may have a key and see if you can it.

Double Check All of Your Doors and Windows

While you may have checked all your accessible windows and doors, it pays to check them again. In your initial state of panic, you may have missed an unlocked one or old window may be jammed and just need an extra push or pull for it to open.

See If There Is a Lock That You Can Pick

While this won’t work on deadbolts and most modern, secure door locks, if you have an old standard lock you may be able to use a card out of your wallet. Choose a card that is old or one that won’t matter too much if it gets damaged. Insert the card between the door and its frame. Press on the door with one hand, this will create a space you can insert the card into. Then, wiggle the card with some force between the spaces, this may enable you to disengage the lock mechanism.

Remember, if this works, you should ensure you change your door lock as soon as possible. You have just discovered how easy it is to break in, and if you can do it, thieves will be able to do it in a split second.

Search for ‘Emergency Locksmiths Near Me’ and Call a Reputable One

One of the easiest ways to get back into your home again is to call a local locksmith. They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get you back into your house without causing any damage at all. A quick internet search of ‘Locksmiths Rockingham’ or ‘Locksmiths Perth’ will display a number of professional locksmiths that service your area. Choose one that’s rated highly and has favourable reviews for extra piece of mind, and always ask for a quote before they come so you know what fee you will be up for.

What Not to Do

Even if you are desperate to get inside, don’t smash a window or attempt to pick a lock if you aren’t comfortable doing so. Broken glass can cause an injury and will be expensive to replace and if you damage your lock while trying to pick it you may be up for a greater cost than the call-out fee of a locksmith.

For 24-Hour Locksmith Services and Key Cutting, Rockingham Locals Trust All Star Lock and Key

If you find yourself inconveniently locked out, get in touch with us today. We are here to help with all of kinds of residential locksmith services, 24/7. We specialise in emergency lockout situations and key cutting services, as well as lock repairs and installation, and automotive key replacement. Contact us online or by calling 0420 909 860 to find out more.

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