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  • Gain entry
  • Keys locked in boot?
  • Keys locked in house?
  • All keys are lost?
  • Need a locksmith fast?
  • All locks picked open in under 10 minutes!

Trust our police licensed Emergency Locksmith team to safely gain entry to your home or car. We are available 24/7 for when the unthinkable happens

Emergency Locksmith Rockingham | Quality jobs done right the first time

We will get you in to your home or vehicle without causing any damage at all

How do you pick a lock? We complete a 4-year apprenticeship and during that time we learn the art of lockpicking. Most house locks can be picked open without any damage at all by using our specialist lockpicks. Most of the time we can get in within a matter of minutes! Don't stress, remember we are master locksmiths, and have spent many years learning how to pick locks and part of that is learning how to open locks fast. There are situations where there may be a child or animal locked inside a house or car, so we have to be able to get you in FAST! We take pride in what we do so only use the best quality lock picks available to ensure the job is done in a timely fashion.

How do you get into a car without a key? With most makes and models (newer models in particular), we actually pick the lock open rather than shoving rods into the door frame, eliminating any risk of damage. Getting a locksmith out to unlock a car is far cheaper than replacing a window with reported window replacement costs from $300 up to the thousands! Give us a call and we will be there in no time to unlock your car damage free. The last thing you want to be dealing with is broken glass, or even worse - a trip to the emergency waiting room!

What to do if I have lost my car key? Firstly, look for a spare key if you have one. The job will be a lot cheaper if we are doing a spare key rather than an all keys lost situation. If there is no spare, don't worry! We can definitely still do the job. Just call us, and we will come out to site and do the job from start to finish while you wait. Don't risk damaging your car trying to get it open or remove the door lock for us, as it makes no difference at all with the price. First thing we usually do is pick and decode the lock using special automotive lock picks that are designed for your lock and keyway, cut the key and then program it into your cars immobiliser system using our specialist diagnostic scan tools. So there is no need for us to remove your door trim or remove the lock to make the physical key. Because we use the right tools for the job there will be no possible way of any damage to your car.

Even once we get you in to your home or car and you discover the keys aren't anywhere to be seen, usually we can make new keys on the spot for most makes and models! No need to get your car towed to the dealership if you have lost your car keys. We have all the latest machinery to cut and program even the most advanced vehicle keys for almost every make and model from your old Holden keys to new European vehicles such as Mercedes keys and BMW keys.


Need an emergency locksmith? Call us today for a prompt response and book in with our locksmith in Perth, locksmith in Rockingham, or locksmith in Kwinana

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